10 Things I Miss the Most About Estonia!

February 2, 2016

I was asked to do a post about things I miss the most about home. There is just too many, it's weird because when I first moved here I never would've thought I would miss silly things like black bread, a walk in the woods or a proper sauna! I'm very grateful for my amazing father, who often treats me with parcels full of love and my favorite goods from back home! 


Mul paluti kirjutada asjadest, mida Eestist kõige rohkem igatsen! Neid on lihtsalt liiga palju ja veider on see, et ma poleks elusees arvanud, et hakkan igatsema asju nagu must leib, jalutuskäik metsas või korralik saun, mida paar aastat tagasi, ma üldse ei väärtustanud. Olen tänulik oma suurepärasele isale, kes mind tihtipeale kostitab pakkidega täis armastust ja minu lemmikuid asju!


1. A Walk in the Forest

Estonia as one of the greenest countries in the world has such beautiful forests that I never appreciated much until now! I miss going mushroom and blueberry picking with my family in autumn and long walks in natural parks in summer! Well last time I was home at Christmas, me and James went for a walk and his beard had a proper frosting on it and I almost didn't feel my entire body so there's that but I love it and can't wait to go back!



2. A Proper Sauna or a relaxing SPA

Weirdly enough England isn't big about Saunas and there are many spa-s but not anything like back home! I miss going to a spa and sitting in 7 different saunas and hot tubs for 3 hours, that's what I truly miss!



3. Black Bread and Cream Cheese

Well, I never thought that's what I'd miss but black bread, which is unbearably disgusting to most of the English people has a very special place in my heart and the one and only Merevaik cream cheese, oh man I miss those.




JOIK is my very favorite company of cosmetics and soaps and candles etc. JOIK is northern, pure and minimalistic. Using nature to their best advantage, but also caring for nature. I absolutely adore their products and miss them a lot!



5. Kalev Chocolates

I know it's just chocolate, but I still think it's the best chocolate in the world and I don't even eat much sweet things, those I crave constantly though.



6. Mummy's Potato Salad

Every time I go back I just need my mum to make this very special salad that just warms my heart! 



7. WIFI and the ability to do anything just through Internet!

Since I'm used to high-tech environment, I seriously miss going in the middle of nowhere and still having Internet! Also the bureaucracy here drives me crazy, people here still need electricy bills to prove your existance and for every little thing you need to go out to sort it, and they still use cheques, and parking machines, shh....



8. Sour Cream

Ok, you can find it here, you can, but it tastes like water and I'm used to having sour cream in obscenely large amounts, I've adapted myself into eating Greek Yoghurt instead, but naah...





9. Supelsaksad

Just my very favorite restaurant in my home town, mmm...



10. Home and my Awesome Cats

No words needed here! 







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