Top 3 Inspiration.

February 8, 2016

There are just too many artists who have inspired me and I think subconsciously every artist I admire, shows in my work in some ways. There is no bigger reason behind why I like someones work or what draws me to it, I guess it just does and through my eyes somehow it's just perfect! I love when I see something I've never seen before so it just completely swallows me in its awesomeness, I'm not a big fan of contemporary art I just don't see anything beautiful in it and I feel like art for me has always been about beauty and human. Human face and body for me are literally the definition of expression and I've always thought it's incredibly fascinating and it's also in everywhere I've ever created and the reason I've chose Make-Up as my specialism. So here are my Top 5 favorite artists...



1. Alex Box


Alex Box is my number one favorite artist, I love how she uses make-up to create those incredible beautiful images inspired by different historical periods experimenting with color, texture and shapes. I think it's not just about make-up it's like taking a face and making it into a canvas you can do anything with without knowing any limits! She has sent models down the catwalk with blue faces and LEDs under their tongues. “I love the integrity of art, but I love the transience of fashion. People look at it with an open mind. It’s about people opening a magazine, looking at an image and not having to feel like they have to understand it. I like to cut through all that bulls***; it’s just experiences that are important to me.” Super!







2. Harding Meyer


As I said before, I think that a face is the literal most incredible canvas of expression. Harding Meyer does those fantastical large-scale portraits, just faces, but the first thing one notices is their eyes. They are at the centre of the 46-year-old artist's work; they are its core element. They catch the viewer's eye; they literally force him into the picture. The neck of the portrayed persons is cut off and their hair line is barely visible. The viewer hardly can avoid those eyes and he is unable to interrupt communications. This makes his art so powerful.





 3. Egon Schiele


I have always found something extremely fascinating in his work, he dared to be different and to express his ideas against the society at that time. Egon Schiele confirmed his personal style from 1910, dedicating himself mainly to portraits and the human body. His paintings had a disturbing and worrying quality: Schiele provoked spectators by tackling the themes of death and eroticism in his paintings. He was arrested in 1912 for his erotic drawings, and his few days in prison left him with a deep feeling of injustice: "To obstruct an artist is a crime". Appalled, his works became more and more provocative.







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