February 12, 2016

Bollywood has always fascinated me, and India in general is on the top of the list of places I'd love to visit. With a culture and tradition like no other countries, it's something very magical and mysterious for me. In Bollywood it's all about being very beautiful, and the most gorgeous actresses get paid around 20 million dollars per movie, which is insane. I think the vivid colors, beauty of the leading ladies and beautiful love stories in those movies are just something so different and last night while I was watching one of those called "2 States", which I strongly recommend, I found myself in a completely different realm, it's just enchanting really. Also if you haven't seen "The Second Best Marigold Hotel in India 2" it's about time, because it's amazing!


I lately read a book about an Estonian woman going to discover India and it's just the most insane adventures I have ever heard about, it's called "Minu Bollywood" and it's also one of the best books I've ever read! Did you know some hindu women burn theirselves after their loved one has passed, because it's a tradition witnessing eternal love? I'd love to learn more about their religion and traditions, I find it extremely fascinating. Hinduism believes in one god in many forms. People chose the form through which they wanted to seek god, thus there are so many of them. Also - Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Vastu, Jyotish, Tantra and Astrology are the main contributions of Hindu system to the modern world. The aim of hinduism is to attain self-realization, which is incredible and just magical!


I had always wanted to try to do Bollywood make-up and since we have just gone through this in University too, I decided to experiment recording a video for the first time, and it was also such a beautiful natural light on that day. It's a shame my battery ran out for the most important bit when I worked on the eyes, but I'm still happy with the result, definitely going to do more of this in the future.


“Not just right now -- what it has always been and always will be -- is accent on the eyes. Bollywood is all about eyes, I think India is all about eyes, because we draw a lot from our tradition, we draw a lot from our culture -- for generations it's always been about eyes. Even if Indian women don't wear too much makeup -- foundation was pretty alien to them 10 years ago -- they always more or less use kohl and they use their bindi, which adds color to their face. Kohl is so important to every Indian woman, it's also our highest selling product at MAC. It will always be eyes.” - Mickey Contactor


So yes check out my video I did on my gorgeous housemate Anuradha, I hope you like! Also, look at some Indian wedding videos on Youtube, they are literally just breathtaking, and I have already signed myself up on Anu's bridesmaids list so I could experience this, shh...






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