When in Rome.

March 14, 2016

As i have mentioned couple of times before, Italy has always been so close to my heart and is there anything better than spending a weekend in Rome with your best friend? My best friend Anna is currently based in Lisbon, and since I am here in England it's a perfect meeting point for both of us! 


Rome is absolutely amazing, it is just so lively and warm and anything is possible! It's like walking on a highway of lovely surprises and once in a lifetime experiences, I admire the fact that Italians are so open without any filters in their attitude, it's so refresing! Also, it's incredible how they are able just to take their time and enjoy their surroundings, go for a walk or sit in one of the thousands of lovely cafes to drink wine and espressos all day long just observing the beauty around them, there is no rush or stress, there's time for everything and the countless smiles and positive attitude warms even the coldest hearts! 


Me and Anna arrived on Wednesday that's why I haven't had time to write here for quite a while again. Our hotel was next to the Trevi Fountain which is no doubt the most beautiful fountain I have seen in my life, especially night time, when it's all lit up in its light blue water and it it seated in this tiny street so you wouldn't even imagine it being there, I remember walking out of the hotel right after I had arrived,  I was walking around to go for dinner and suddenly I look around and there is this massive, gorgeous fountain on my right hand like wow. Apparently there is around 3,000 euros thrown into that fountain every day! Incredible..


The weather was beautiful, we walked a lot! But then again it's so nice to just take a day and go walk around Rome, there is just so much history, breathtaking monuments, architecture, gardens and views everywhere. There is obviously a lot of tourists which is something that always takes away some of the magic, because everything in Rome circles around tourists. Wherever you go someone is trying to sell something to you or convince you to go or do some seriously weird stuff. But I guess it's like that everywhere you go, sometimes it's just nice to see the real local parts of countries which aren't that ruined by millions of tourists every day.


The food obviously is exactly as tasty as you'd think, there's something about Italian cuisine that I just can't get enough, I could literally live on pasta for the rest of my life. Especially we loved this tiny restaurant called Sapore di Mare, which seemed like the tiniest place with just a single door and some fresh fish on display on the window, and when we walked in it just continued to go on and on and on through tiny corridors and dining rooms filled with candles and trays of amazing looking dishes. It was a seafood restaurant and I have never in my life tasted something that scrumptious, it all just melted in my mouth, a very wow experience.


NIghtlife in Rome is something on a completely another level, people just have so much energy and it almost feels like they are all living it like there was no tomorrow. We had been walking around 10 km every day and by 3am when we were driving back to our hotel from a club called La Cabala, we had never been that tired and exhausted in our lives. Great club, amazing people, such good music and a lot of dancing! And it felt like everyone in the club were your friends, it doesn't matter who you are with, because in that space, everyone acts like for tonight we are all friends! 


What I loved the most is the fact that everywhere we went there was music, sun, happy vibes and chilled atmosphere, our last night we went to this jazz club where a band was just playing live jazz whilst people had dinner, also I remember waking up one day to the sound of someone playing sax next to the Trevi fountain and it sounded so beautiful, best way to wake up from a nap. We loved everything Rome offered us and I can't wait to go back again! 

















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