Why studying Make-Up is so Super Awesome!

March 18, 2016

Most of the times when people ask me what is it that I study and what does studying Make-Up even mean? Well it's far from what you'd think, it's not just making people look pretty and beautiful. It gives you an opportunity to do creative work in Film, Fashion or Theatre, be surrounded by lots of other creatives and most importantly it's super exiting in every possible way. I never even knew it was possible to have a bachelors degree in that field until my teacher from my Foundation Course introduced me to the art of Make-Up and I was instantly drawn by it. So what is it what we do? This will be a long post of pictures, just because I found all of those photos I have taken throughout the course and wanted to share them before deleting!


1.SPECIAL FX-From Burns, Bruises, Cuts and Black Eyes to Monsters and Aliens.









2.SCULPTING- Sculpting noses, mouths, ears, scales, textures, aging and whatever you could come up with really!







3.HAIR- From hair sculptures to hair styling to knotting wigs, moustaches, beards and so on, we do it all!






 4. MAKE-UP- Making up actors and models for Film or a Fashion Show or just a photoshoot, or even just for your own fun!!!










 5. DRAW and paint and sketch and create face charts, digital design and all, which is probably my favorite part of it all, because I've always been an painter in heart.






 6. Just lots of other fun, playing with airbrushing, plaster, silicone, latex. So basically we are doing everything our imagination can come up with.











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