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April 20, 2016

Everyone has dreams, a wish list or even just small goals. I was asked to do a future wish list and that made me think more about my priorities and things I want the most. I've always been an over achiever and dream too big but I think it's kind of a good thing, if your goals aren't crazy enough, dream bigger, right? So I put together a list of my absolutely mad wishes which may not become true, but I hope one day they will, even if it's past my 30s or 40s or who knows when. 


1. Get the "One Amazing Internship" , right after I finish University I wish I will get the opportunity to show my skills and prove myself in the right environment, I want it to be this one thing that maybe leads me to something I want to do my whole life. I'm not really sure if I want to belong in film, fashion, editorial, marketing etc. - I'd like to explore more of it in the real world and then decide what my heart wants and where do I fit in the best.



2. To have my own little cottage away from the city, away from the noise - where I can go out and have my morning coffee in my little rose garden. It will be all wood and whites and beiges, I just want to go and design bits of it whenever I have time and build this cute little getaway somewhere on the countryside, whether it's in Estonia, England or somewhere else...




3. To be a part of an exhibition - I've been an artist for a long time now an have a big portfolio of work I haven't even showed to the world yet. One day I would like to paint more, to paint a collection and to be able to share it, it will take time for me to be confident enough but it's always been one of my dreams and to be exhibited would be such an amazing achievement.



4. I'd buy my dad the most awesome old Porsche in the world, he's always wanted one, so whenever in the future I have the chance, even if it's in a million years time, I would get one to him.



5. Travel the world with James. It doesn't need to be the world - obviously. But just to take a year and go wherever, see where it takes us... Indonesia, Route 66, Japan, there is so many places I wish I could visit. And blog about it - photograph, write, share. I know it must be literally everyones number one dream, but seriously, there's a reason why all the young people want to do that before settling down.





6. Do another course or a degree in Photography. It's just something I've always wanted to do. I feel like it's this one thing that is missing from my combo of skills. I'd love to be able to work with the cameras, edit or just capture all of the beautiful moments. I don't want to just do it, because everyone can learn how to work a camera, but I want to know it, know all about it, it's such an incredible subject and I could use this skill so well with my other passions.




7. To have my own little Studio - that's what I wish the most! Whenever people ask me what I want to do with my life, that's what I'd like to answer but most of the times people think my goals are just too impossible. It could be just this little space anywhere, I'd have my own make-up studio and a coffee shop there, I'd like to exhibit young artists in this space, have my own little corner for painting, a little workshop, it would be my little creative heaven.



This is it for my list now, these are my seven golden goals. Writing them down has actually made me think about it more, and you know how you should visualize everything you wish to achieve. I think everyone should have a crazy list like that...


Also, I had an interview with a journalist named Kenon Lamon Thompson just a few days ago so l if you haven't checked that out yet, here's the link...X








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