My Boyfriend Does the Smokey Eye.

April 28, 2016

James has always been a creative intellect so last week when he was visiting, I thought how could he not master the whole make-up look? So we did a challenge!


I gave James my whole box of make-up goodies and without giving any tips, he naturally went for the smokey eye make-up (apparently he has learned quite a few things looking at me doing my make-up every day).


For my surprise, he turned out to be quite remarkable in contouring and many other things, and obviously it was so much fun, I strongly recommend to challenge your better halves or vice versa, for example I don't think I could change a tire or do anything manly.


To be honest, James did do a very good job, so I'm proud to share another video, which I haven't done for quite a while now..









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