Beauty Goodies for under £5 Everyone Should Get from eBay.

May 15, 2016

Browsing some beauty blogs another day, I stumbled across a post about how people order some of their favorite beauty products from eBay and was quite shocked because it seemed quite unreal. So I was curious and exited to try for myself, I mean who wouldn't want lots of amazing beauty gear just for few pounds compared to high end products.


So I ordered some interesting looking brushes and lipsticks and all I can say is that yes, go for it. Some of those things are now always with me and I even had to order double for both of my make-up bags. I couldn't make any difference between those and my good Real Techniques brushes. The lipsticks were incredible, they are so pigmented, stay on all day and come in 30 different colors so you could order all of them with a price of one Dior lipstick. Moreover, most of the things I ordered, came to me in less than a week, how convenient


I've put the links right below this post, so by all means, try for yourself!



1.Anastasia Beverly Hills Oval Blending Brush - Those spoon shaped brushes are definitely a new trend for contouring or simply blending your foundation or bronzer. It's so soft and pretty and yeah, I love it.


2.Flat Foundation Brush - This one is a multipurpose brush, but it's incredible for foundation, I've ditched all of my Beauty Blenders because this one is a winner.


3.Kabuki Flat Contour Brush - This one is like any other contour brush, if you already have one then I wouldn't order it, but if you don't, it's just as good as any other high end brushes.


4.Silicone Brush Cleaning Glove - I need to wash my brushes million times in a day. This is my favorite little helper that makes the job much easier, and it's kind of cute.


5.Eyeshadow Blending Brush - Everyone needs an eyeshadow blending brush, or tons of those. This one is really good, exactly the perfect size and is just as good as the Real Techniques one.


6.Menow Long Lasting Matte Lip Gloss - These things are super. As I said, they stay on all day and they are waterproof. They are matte, easy to apply, come in 36 gorgeous colors and you only need one layer for the perfect result. Number #33 is my complete favorite, I wear it at all times.



7.LA Girl Pro Concealer - I promise it will do its job. It's with such good texture, doesn't appear patchy, doesn't smell weird and it will conceal all that needs concealing!


8. Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Organiser - So simple,effective and keeps all of my makeup nice and tidy.





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