Pärnu - My Favorite Town in the World.

July 11, 2016

Today I'm telling a story about a town I was born and raised in. Pärnu, the hidden pearl in the Baltics, lies in the south of Estonia and is blessed with beautiful beaches, enchanting forests and amazing people. I never really gave it much credit when I was younger, I just wanted to get away and see the world, because I was so sure that anywhere else will be better! Now I can't wait to come back to this quietness and familiar faces every summer. 


In Estonia we are looking at extreme climates of +30 in summer and -30 in winter. This is something I've learned to appreciate so much compared to the grey and constantly rainy England, where you can't make a big difference between 4 seasons. Pärnu is the summer capital of Estonia, which means hot beach weather, lots of festivals and many many tourists at this season. It's what I love the most about it, you can just come here and stroll around on your bike, or go for a hike, or go pick some blueberries in your local forest, or perhaps visit the beach for a late party or a skinny dip in the dark.

 Jaak Nilson Photography


In winter it transforms into this eternal quietness, where you probably can't even go out because it will be either too cold or slippery, or maybe your house is just buried in the snow, you never know... 

 Meelika Foto


We have an amazing marina, countless cute restaurants and bars, lots of familiar faces, since it is a very small town and a weak spot for artistic businesses like edgy shops, festivals and weird events like kirkin-days for example.


 Elvi Studio Photography


I love everything about it and I keep coming back here and thinking that it's amazing everywhere else and I will never want to stop travelling, but there's nothing like coming back to the little wonderful Pärnu. I am looking forward to James coming to visit for the whole August and some of our friends too, because I am sure, they will fall in love with it too.





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