Tattoo or not to Tattoo?

August 25, 2016

Deciding to have a tattoo is a very personal thing. It can be done with much thought and result in a tattoo you are proud of and want to display. However more often than not a tattoo can be the result of a rash decision and unlike some other quick unthinking actions a tattoo is much more permanent. I am an owner of a tattoo I'm not very happy with and have considered removal of it multiple times. There are ways to remove a tattoo and experts available for advice – but the best advice is always ‘think’ more than twice!


Tattoos need extra care in sunshine too – the skin in that area may be sensitive for quite some time so lots of moisturiser is needed. The good news here is that the moisturiser will help bring out the colours better if you are proud of your tattoo.


So for those of you who are keen to have a tattoo and even watching the latest TV series of ‘Tattoo Fixers’ has not discouraged you then research not only the design and position of where you want it but also the colours involved. Many people have sensitive skin and can react to some of the colour pigments; you cannot choose just any colour you wish!

You need to be aware that some colours will fade quite quickly; some colours are very permanent and difficult to remove if you have a change of heart! E.g. Yellow and Orange are known to be highly resistant to laser removal.

Are you really sure you want to do this...?


Do check out the health risks of having a tattoo; there are reports of infection from dirty needles spreading Hepatitis and HIV, severe skin allergies from both permanent and ‘temporary’ tattoos. There maybe some unwanted scarring produced from getting the tattoo done in the first place and then you may be permanently scarred anyway if you try to get it removed, especially if this is not done with expert advice.


Historically tattoos have been around for at least 5000 years and they were very important in cultural history. However cultural values change as do social values, the BBC highlighted the changing tattoo trends in England in a report (28th January 2016).Today tattoos are still important in many cultures but their value is changing in some societies.


Professional tattoo removal is greatly advised. You need to have the proper skin testing, full explanations of what will happen and how long the process will take. An expert will be able to tell you if there will be any residual scarring and also help you to look after the area after treatment. To find out more about this and get some advice have a look at The Fylde Clinic.  Remember the skin will be ultra sensitive for quite a while after a removal process, and, if you’re planning a holiday on a beach cover up and a good high SPF UV protector will be necessary.


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