Beauty Secrets: All Kinds of Saunas

September 3, 2016

Recently I posted about the sauna culture here in Estonia and went through all of the amazing benefits of a good old sauna. Since that post was super popular (and I did promise to do another one), this time I will take you through all different kinds of saunas and why you should prefer one to another. I think sauna preferences depend on people, for example I love steam saunas and ones that don't go over 70 degrees, but others prefer the 100 degree dry Finnish saunas, which I can't bare to be in more than 5 minutes without constantly running under an icy shower. So here goes the medley of all kinds of saunas in the world.


Hiljuti tegin postituse saunakultuuri kohta siin Eestis, kuna minu briti kaasmaalased arvasid, et see on üks jube huvitav ja veider kogemus, mida vaid hullud eestlased ja venelased harrastavad. Tõestasin siis, et asi ei ole üldse nii, rääkisin paljudest sauna tervistavatest omadustest ja traditsioonidest, mida harrastatakse enamus põhjamaades. Kuna see postitus oli nii populaarne ja lubasin ka teha järgmise loo, kus tutvustan erinevaid saunasi ja nende eripärasusi üle maailma. Arvan, et igal inimesel on üks saun, mis neile kõige rohkem meeldib, sest inimesed on ju nii erinevad. Mina näiteks eelistan aurusauna või kaldaariumi, mis mõnusalt seestpoolt higistama paneb, ja need 100 kraadised soome saunad panevad mind kohe külma duši alla jooksma. Siin siis valik erinevaid saunasi ja põhjused, miks peaksid neid kõiki proovima!


1. Traditional Finnish Sauna


Traditional Finnish sauna is the one sauna we all know of. Made of light wood, heats by throwing water on heated rocks, and can go up to 120 degrees or even more. This type of sauna is the most traditional and well knows type of saunas. In north it's very common to have a sauna like this in your house, it's a perfect spot for a beer, socialising or simply relaxing yourself after a long day at work. 


Benefits: flushes toxins, relieves stress, burns calories, helps to fight illnesses, induces deeper sleep and cleanses the skin.


2. Steam Sauna


Steam Sauna actually relates the most to Turkish hammams. The humidity level of a steamy sauna is 100% and the temperature is around 50-60 degrees. Steam rooms are usually tiled and remind me of old Roman baths. I absolutely love steam baths and a tip from me is to visit one with your favorite face mask on!


Benefits: relaxes stiff joints and muscles, improves your complexion and increases blood flow and circulation.


 3. Infra-Red Sauna


Infra-red heating system is based on the person’s body heat rather than on the air heating. That is the reason why this type of sauna is also known as a “heat therapy room”. You should spend at least 30 minutes in there for this to actually work. I love to spend this time reading magazines or studying, because it doesn't get very hot, it's more like your own body purifiying itself through the infra-light. As soon as you start sweating there, you know the toxins of yesterday Big Mac are flushing away. Infra-red sauna also helped me with my blemishes and acne, so give it a try!


Benefits: anti-aging, detoxification, cell-health, wound-healing, lowers blood pressure and weight loss.


4. Aromatic Sauna


Aromatic sauna is aromatherapy in the sauna's warm setting. In a hodgepodge of refreshing and robust scents you will get a completely amazing experience for your body. In the event, the sauna starts with being approximately 70 degrees warm, where the temperature will be heated up, as humidity increases. To increase humidity is the right amount of oils and water, which provides a cathartic and amazing fragrance. Use a wet towel to help body's pores to open, in addition it gets throughout the body – muscles, lungs and joints.


Benefits: boosts immune system, cleanses skin and rest of the body, rejuvenates and relaxes with a perfect scent for you.


5. Smoke Sauna


Smoke sauna, “savusauna” in Finnish, has a big wood-burning stove, but unlike other types of saunas, it doesn’t have a chimney. This kind of sauna is quite rare nowadays and it has to be heated up for many hours by burning a lot of wood to heat the massive rocks. After heating and ventilating the room, the sauna is ready for the genuine sauna experience. Smoke sauna has an incredible smoky scent to it and can be found in genuine countryside houses and many spa-s. 


Benefits: relaxation, temporary healing from various disease symptoms, rejuvenation, reduction of stress and improving the joint mobility.


6. Caldarium


The hottest room in a Roman bath. This kind of steam bath with high humidity and moderate heating of 45 degrees, enriched with essential oils and essences. 


Benefits: relieves stress and joint pain, relaxes and flushes toxins.


7. Wood-Fired Hot Tub


This is not a sauna, but I just had to add this to the list, because it's my number one favorite thing ever, especially in winter. Just to spend time in a bubbly wooden hot tub whilst snow falls on your head is an experience like no other!


Benefits are a positive mind and a happy life!






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