Acne Scars: How to Prevent, Treat and Keep it that Way!

September 10, 2016

Stubborn acne scars or any scars on our face are the most unpleasant things that almost never seem to disappear. Getting rid of these might be a long process and needs the ability to be patient. I've been fighting with these for a little while and I can only say that nothing is impossible because cosmetics industry is so powerful - with a right research you can find a solution for everything!


The first step is always prevention, because there simply isn't any point in healing something that only keeps coming back. Second step is the right treatment suitable for your skin. The third one is a bit tricky but you should find a way to stop the problem coming back, which usually relates to fixing the original reason behind the problem. Here are my top tips for a stubborn skin like that...


Igasugused jonnakad armid vistrikest ja aknest ja kõigest muust, on jube tüütud ja tihtipeale tundub, et nendest ei saagi kunagi lahti. Selliste armidega tegelemine vajab kannatust ja eelkõige õiget informatsiooni nende ravi kohta, sest me ei taha ju ometigi riskida naha veelgi hullemasse olukorda panemisega. Kosmeetikatööstus on aga nii arenenud, et lahenduse leiab siiski enamikele probleemidele!


Kõigepealt on oluline vältida uute armide teket, selleks on vaja tõhusat vahendit selleks, et kõik punnid ja asjad puhtad ja desinfitseeritud hoida. Teiseks tuleks leida endale sobiv vahend raviks ja kolmandaks tuleks anda endast parim, et nahk ka sellises seisus püsiks. Siin siis minu soovitused ja kogemused...


1. Prevention


Prevent infecting your blemishes, most important is to keep hands away for them, dry them out with natural ingredient very quick and stop putting make-up on them. I use Missha Speedy-Solution Anti-Blemish Patches, which do a great job.


 2. Treatment


Try some good quality red spot treatments, they even out the skin, and make the marks fade away. For example Clinique Dark Spot Corrector or Lancome DreamTone, but I recommend Kiehl's Clearly Corrective!



3. Keep it That Way


To keep your skin in it's best condition and stop them coming back, I recommend applying some Vitamin E on the skin couple times a week. Also give derma-rollers a try - they basically destroy the bad skincells and stimulate new, healthier ones coming instead. A derma-roller makes your skin forget the memory of the scar, so it literally works for a new, better skin.




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