6 Incredible Make-Up Brands You Didn't Know About!

September 15, 2016

Buying make-up can be incredibly time consuming and difficult because there is so many brands, new collections and products that are so hyped-up you just must give them a try! Often people choose the very high-end make-up brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown or Charlotte Tilbury. That's because they are expensive, their marketing is on spot and they are used by all the beauty bloggers and make-up artists-that means they must be good so they are a safe choice, right?


Well I'm telling you that there are so many beauty brands that have just started up or don't advertise themselves so much, that means they are actually affordable and do the exact same job, if not even better. Don't get me wrong I love high-end beauty products, but sometimes it's just fun to experiment and try out cosmetics you have never even heard about, you might be pleasantly surprised!



Meigi ostmine võib olla väga vaevarikas ja aega nõudev tegevus, seda sellepärast, et igasuguseid brände, uusi kollektsioone ja tooteid, mida igalpool üle reklaamitakse on tohutult palju ja nende seast valida on üsna stressirohke, sest tahaks ju kõike! Tihtipeale otsustavad inimesed tuntud brändide kasuks nagu näiteks MAC, Bobbi Brown või Charotte Tilbury, nende toodete peale saab ju ometigi loota, sest nad on suure hinnanumbriga, reklaamitud tuntud ajakirjade kaante vahel ja kõik sotsiaalmeedia kuulsused kasutavad ka ju selliseid!


Võin väga kindlalt lubada, et netist leiab tohutult kosmeetikabrände, mis on üsna vähe tuntud, kuna nad ei ole kaua marketil olnud, ei rõhu massproduktsioonile või ei ole veel Euroopas avastatud. Sellepärast võid avastada midagi, mis võib väga positiivselt üllatada, aga madalama hinna eest. Minule näiteks väga meeldib katsetada uute toodetega, mida kellelgi teisel ei ole. Olen alati nendega väga rahul olnud, ning võin soovitada ka teistele!



Glossier is a brand that in my eyes is truly inspired by nature. All of their products are simply for a radiant, glowy, healthy skin! No fancy glossy lipsticks or glitter eyeshadows - "skin first, make-up second". So if you are a fan of the "no make-up make-up" effect, you should definitely check them out!

PS! I can strongly recommend their highlighting sticks.

@glossier @faithlord

 IT Cosmetics


Their variety of products varies from skincare to brushes to gorgeous make-up. It's just as good as any high-end brand and they have amazing palettes for cheeks, eyes, contour or anything you need! I love their lip sets, because one lipstick is just never enough!




Missha is one of my favorites, I tried one of their BB-Creams a long time ago and never looked back again. Missha is Korean and their beauty secrets are just something else. The snail cream collections are incredible for skin care and BB-Creams were introduced to Europe by Koreans so duhh, trust me they are good! Missha now has an Estonian Online Shop as well, so have a little peak.


Also, in my next post I will be reviewing some of their products I just got!





Everything from their website is under 10 euros/dollars. Their eyeshadows are my favorites for bridal make-up, because the selection of sparkly nudes is insane, plus they are very well pigmented! The ultra-matte liquid lipsticks, which you can find as bundles or individuals are definitely better than the other ones I've tried and they smell like fairy dust!

 @colourpopcosmetics @briannacrow



Vegan and cruelty-free brand with super cute packaging. If you want to brighten up your skin, you should definitely try their products, because it's very focused on making the skin look at its best. For example the Rose Gold Primer Serum is like a proper elixir for your face. Also the lip tints make your lips look naturally pretty and flushed. It will make a pretty gift!




Becca has an impressive collection of skin perfecting products. From primers to colour correctors and brighteners. They are such good quality and feel exactly like the best high-end make-up products. You will surely achieve a beautiful complexion with these lightweight foundations and priming products!



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