Those Golden Plumping Lip Masks.

September 26, 2016

This new trend has taken over the internet and Instagram. Beauty bloggers and Make-Up Artists keep showing up with those golden masks that apparently instantly plump your lips, make them softer and more moisturized, erase the wrinkles and small lines around your mouth and million more things. I couldn't help but to try them myself too.


So I purchased those masks off eBay ( There's also couple of branded ones like Lip Treatments by Ms.Soho or Replen, but I couldn't be bothered to start ordering from the US and to be fair they all look the same to me.


My order arrived very quickly and I couldn't wait to experiment with these. So I open the first package and it's this super slimy oval mask, which I then placed on my lips for 20 minutes. I couldn't really feel any tingle or anything while it was on my lips. It was just very cooling and wet and slimy. When I took it off, my lips did feel really weird. they were definitely super moistured and soft.


They did feel plumper as well, although they didn't look any different until I put my lipstick on. When I put my favorite lipstick on, I could see a slight difference and it did look good, so I definitely reccomend these to everyone, especially now when the weather is getting colder and lips start to flake and feel dry.






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