Hello! Vienna.

January 22, 2016

Some time ago i visited Vienna and thought to share this, because it was an incredible experience for me. So one day I felt like I needed to go somewhere by myself, weirdly enough I actually really enjoy spending time on my own. It's a completely different experience, I have travelled a lot with my dear friends and that is lovely, but it's kind of just sticking together with your group and stay in this comfort zone. This time I wanted something else, I wanted to go and see what would happen when I am there all alone without any plans or purpose.


I had so much fun, I started a day without any plans, just got dressed and went out, saw where I'll end up. I met so many local people and other tourists who were there on their own, everyone had a story to tell and once you meet people who are kind of in the same situation as you, it's this moment of sharing your thoughts and experiences and saying bye after without maybe never seeing them again, it's just this one stop you happen to share, and I think it's magical! I believe everyone has something to teach you! 


Vienna is known as both the “city of dreams” and “the city of music”.  The “city of dreams” term came from Sigmund Freud’s influence in the city during his research, as he was the world’s first psycho-analyst and was born in Vienna. Vienna remains today a mecca for musicians and aspiring musicians because of composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss. There is a surprisingly large number of small dogs and many restaurants allow people to seat their dogs under the tables. Also it's completely normal to smoke inside, even restaurants have an ash tray on the table, which was very surprising. 


Be prepared to experience the architectural Wow factor. Palaces like the Schonbrunn, Hofburg and Belvedere are sure to amaze you. I visited the Schonbrunn Palace because one of the local people I met, thought it's a must see for me and it really was incredible. There are 1441 rooms inside the palace and the gardens are breathtaking, we actually got lost walking in the labyrinths, wandering around, it's also known as the Vienna Zoo which is the oldest recorded zoo in the world. Mozart gave his very first concert to the Empress in the Mirror Room when he was only six years old.


The Central consists of little cute streets and passageways. There is countless adorable cafes and old bookshops everywhere. I would step into this small shop called The Old Pharmacy Cafe kept by an old man and his little pug, and it seemed so small but kept on continuing upstairs and into the cellar and I happened to find a collection of T-Shirts featuring his own dog, which I thought was hilarious. I found this amazing market called Naschmarkt, which consisted of many little shops, restaurants and bars and people selling fresh food shouting over each other. It's funny how in Austria you find schnitzel and sausages around every single corner! Apparently i had the best schnitzel in Vienna in a place called Figlmüller and it was the size of me, very good though! I also visited the top of Kahlenberg, which is a mountain is 484 metres high with heavenly views, I had my most enjoyable morning coffee having an incredible view over Vienna.


My favorite location was the Museumquartier, which is this massive square consisting of many museum and this central bit with all the young people just hanging out on those weird shaped deck chairs. It happened to be the Vienna Fashion Week when I was there, which was also incredible, you could spot those eccentric, super fashionable people everywhere, I just loved sitting in one of those bars in the square and observing people.


The nightlife is something very enjoyable, I have never been a fan of a big nightclub with loud music and people climbing on top of each other. People were having good time in beautiful lounges or bars, everyone is nicely dressed and very well mannered, also I have never seen so many young and a bit older people in the same club. It was refreshing really! I especially liked a cocktail bar called The Puff, and it gets it's name from its former life as a red light establishment. I loved the rooftop bar called 25 hours with an incredible view and it's eccentric interior design with bicycles and drum sets hanging from the ceiling. Since it was the Fashion Week, there were places inside the museums that were turned into nightclubs and lounges. I found fascinating people everywhere and they'd be so welcoming and friendly. I ended up in places I could've never found myself. I strongly dislike going travelling and seeing things a million tourists before me saw aswell, I'd much rather see the real local life, which I very succesfully did too.



















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