30 Days of Writing Challenge - Day 12

January 15, 2017

Day 12 - What do you like?


Easy peasy, probably going to be a long list of things... This will probably give you a good idea of what kind of person I am! 


1. Cats, kittens, little tiny tigers purr...

2. Make-up, obviously - obsessed rather!

3. Smoothies - I LOVE smoothies, my favorite is a good blend of kiwi, spinach, lemon, honey, green apple and coconut water!

4. Summer! My favorite season is of course summer, I wish it was summer all the time! Strolling around on my cute vintage pink bike and enjoying the breeze, mm...

5. Italy. I love Italy - gelato, pasta, pizza, Dolce&Gabbana, Tuscany, wines, little cute villages and so on...you name it, I like it!

6. Bonobo - that's an artist and I adore his music.

7. Fluffy blankets, fairy lights and candles

8. Cuddles and movie nights

9. Cooking, I seriously enjoy cooking a lot! I could do it all day actually..

10. Dancing, who wouldn't like dancing, right? I used to dance a lot but lately it's not on my hobby list anymore, one day if I have more time I'll get back to it.

11. Pina Coladas, duh...

12. Documentaries - I'm a big fan of all kinds of documentaries and they take up a lot of my time!

13. Magazines....

14. Sushi, I LOVE SUSHI

15. Dinner parties, one day I'm going to be the person who's going to throw all of the boozy dinner parties for my friends and family and it will be extraordinary.

16. Online-shopping, could do it for days, not even joking, I don't get tired of it.

17. Writing, of course I like writing, it takes up most of my time and i throughly enjoy it.

18. Sitting in front of a fireplace cuddling my cats..

19. Holidays, I especially like weird estonian holidays that we celebrate in our own weird way.

20. Making fun of James, SO MUCH FUN.

21. SAUNAS!!!

22. Gossip Girl and Sex&The City

23. Travelling of course, wish I could travel more!

24. Religions - I'm obsessed with learning about all of the religions, they are so fascinating.

25. Drawing, painting, diy, colorng, decorating etc. Anything creative like that is my cup of tea.

26. Organising - I have a thing with organising things, I arrange my clothes in color order, I arrange my books in order of the autor name, I arrange my make-up so perfectly it's ridiculous, I arrange all of my things actually in certain order and I love it.

27. Sailing, last year I did so much sailing and it was amazing, it's one of those magical things about summer isn't it?

28. I like being alone. I'm not an awfully chatty person and it takes a while to get me talking, most of the time I'm in my own little bubble.

29. Going back home!

30. I just like being who I am to be fair!



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