Naturelle Cosmetics: Biokem

March 5, 2017

First of all, this post is going to be in English only because the products unfortunately aren't available in Estonia. I'm sorry about that!


Here goes another post about organic cosmetics, what can I say, I just love how popular they've become and how people are becoming more aware about what they put on their skin. Recently I received a parcel from Naturelle Cosmetics with products from Biokem, an Italian skincare brand. They do everything a normal brand would produce - micellar waters, facial creams, toners, oils etc. But what you find from the product label is contents you'd find from your kitchen shelf like sesame oil, coconut oil, seed oils etc. I was intrigued already and when I found a rather humongous pot of olive cream from the parcel...I mean, who wouldn't like that? 


I have a very sensitive skin, especially my legs and arms. After an accident few years ago, I hurt my upper arms very badly and since then I've been struggling with these pigmentation spots all over my arms. Every single body cream or butter creates an almost allergic reaction and makes them itch, same thing with my legs. At first I was a bit put off by the sloppy packaging and the amount of product I received from this company, it looked way too simplistic and outdated. But I can honestly say that it's by far the only thing I've used that doesn't make my skin feel itchy and uncomfortable. It doesn't smell of anything and the texture is nice and light, it feels smooth and makes my skin so soft without the unbearable allergic feeling to it. I do recommend to check their products if you have a similar skin like me and don't like putting lots of chemicals on it.



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