Christmas Wishlist.

December 5, 2017

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, I'm not a big fan of the cold and the darkness but I do love dressing up in warm jumpers and fur, fun festivities, mulled wine and the all around happy vibe. The most essential part of making presents can be tricky, especially for family and people you know the best, but I always like to get creative and hunt for some real special stuff.. Here's some cool ideas that I definitely have on my list already!



1. Feather&Down


There's millions of beauty products that I'd normally wish for but this year I'm really into practical things that I'd actually need. Feather&Down provide the most adorable sleeping collections including candles, pillow sprays, sleep balms etc. I've always had really hard time having a good nights sleep so I'm definitely stocking up on these...#sleepmatters right?



2.Slip Silk Pillowcases


Continuing on the sleep-topic, I recently wrote an article about pillowcases that actually make you transform into a beautiful creature overnight. That's actually a bit exaggerated but basically it's a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, which keeps your face and hair all nice and smooth so you don't wake up looking like a crazy scientist in the mornings.



3. Cohorted Beauty Box Subscription


Not only is it onee of the few beauty boxes that ships internationally but it's also the best and most luxurious one in my eyes. For only 35 pounds a month you get some high-end and full-size products that really seem to be worth it. They might even give you a full-size Chanel product, I mean yes please I'm all over that!


4. Culture to Catwalk by Kristin Knox


I love to read books but I also like to collect nice books to display under my glass table. This is definitely on top of my list of books to have in my collection...


5. A Smart Hairbrush


It's just cool isn't it? To be fair I don't even do much with my hair since it's super fine and all the products just make it greasy. I'd really like a brush like that though, a smart brush would tell me when I need more moisture or when I need to cut my ends etc.




6. Burberry Small Banner in Brogue Detail Metallic Leather


I just absolutely need this bag in my life... A girl can dream right?




7. NIOD Set No1


Deciem or as they call themselves - The Abnormal Beauty Company is my latest skincare obsession and I am literally in love with The Ordinary products that I'm reviewing at the moment (post coming soon). Next on my list is NIOD - this scientific range of acids and pure chemicals which are clinically proven to make you beautiful and they are free of all the bad stuff usually used in skincare products. Sounds amazing right?



8. Crystal Cactus


Everything on that website is so beautiful and magical.. I really like their beauty products because they're something I'd display on my cosmetic table and I bet they smell lovely aswell..




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