Happy Birthday, Mafia and Resolutions.

January 5, 2018

First of all, Happy Birthday to this little blog, because today it's turning 2 years old, yay! After exactly 144 posts and a lot of sweat and tears (I'm only joking, it's been delightful), I have actually kept my promise to keep writing this blog no matter what and here we are! This is going to be one long post so I'm sorry but at the same time I never really talk about myself so I hope it's okay.



 Now I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year, I hope it's going to be full of lust and love. New Years Eve for me was a Mafia themed costume party and I absolutely love theme parties so here's a few pictures. I never take any photos which is really sad, sometimes I look back and wish I had photos to show you guys but then again that's something to improve in during this year.


Talking about promises and resolutions, why not give myself another list for the upcoming year? I'm not much of a resolutions person at all, because I keep failing at any attempts to keep achieving them. It's more like I give myself a promise or a goal and then a week later I've changed my mind and forgotten all about it...To be fair, it would be ideal to keep setting new goals every week or month not only once a year, right? This time I have this amazing app assisting me though - it's called HabitBull and it actually tracks your resolutions and makes a chart of your best efforts, I suggest it to all of you enthusiastic goal setters.


Okay so let's see what have I written here a year ago and do a little evaluation first:


1.Sleep less, work more! 


That's actually quite funny because all I do nowadays is work and have time for no sleep or any other activities. So yes, now I kind of wish that it was another way around and that I was better at taking some time for myself. Crazy how things change so quickly but I'd say that this resolution this past year was a success.




2. Blog posts twice a week...


That's hilarious because I just don't see that happening at this moment. I did try and I managed to keep that resolution for exactly one month. Seeing my post count, I did 28 blog posts in January 2017 and only 9 in February 2017, good try though! I do always try to do more but there's always life on the way. Sometimes it's very difficult for me to take some time for my blog because my actual job is to write every day. I must have a really amazing day to come home after all my responsibilities and be like oh yes now I feel like writing EVEN MORE. But then again, some days I really do want to blog so here we are 2 years later and you're still reading this blog so let's count this a success, right?




3. Start painting again


Nope, I 100% failed at this. I didn't even try to be honest with you. Me and James actually did this abstract piece for our apartment but that was more fun than actual painting. It is very sad because I used to love it so much and it was kind of my way to meditate and clear my mind. Maybe this could be something to set as a goal for this year?





4. Find the most amazing apartment


YES! This was a huge success and I absolutely love our apartment, yay. 




5. Eat more greens


Right, Haribo frogs count as green yes? I'm not very good at keeping a super healthy diet but at the same time I don't think there's anything wrong with my eating habits either. I'm healthy, I eat veggies and I drink loads of water. I could obviously eat less pasta but I simply just can't stop myself, I love carbs! I'm making it out much worse than it is though, I'm very healthy and I actually eat less meat every day which I'm very proud of! So it's kind of a success but could always improve




6. Cut down buying make-up


Hmm.. I don't think I buy much make-up anymore. Only when I really need something or if something amazing comes out like the Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette or anything by Tarte I'm sold but it doesn't happen often at all so definitely a success. 



Now going through all of my last years resolutions, I'm actually quite surprised that I was able to keep most of them and it was also very therapeutic for me to evaluate them. I think that I'm only going to set myself one goal this year and that's to be more active and productive daily. I always say that I'm tired and busy but I actually know in my heart that there's enough time in the day for me to do work, gym, cooking, blogging etc. I just need to get up and do it instead of complaining and sitting around like a potato. Mark Manson says in his "Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck" that if you ever feel lazy or unmotivated then just get up and do ANYTHING for only 5 minutes and it will motivate to do even more!





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