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January 21, 2018

Today I realised that I've never really done a post about haircare, I suppose it's because I never really do anything with my hair - it's naturally very fine so most of the products make my hair limp or greasy. I love trying out different haircare products though and when I finally find something that suits me, I'll stick with it like forever. 


I usually look for products that give my hair some volume and deeply moisturize. My hair gets frizzy and fluffy very easily and my ends are constantly really-really dry so a good spray leave-in conditioner is a must-have for me. My hair color is naturally very blonde but with yellow undertones so I like to use some purple shampoo and a repairing oil to make up for the damage that those purple/silver shampoos cause. 


So here are my favorites at the moment...



Linea Natura Struttura ampoules with mineral salts, anionic wax and an emulsifier cationic base are the absolute heroes of my hair routine. I like to use one of those tiny bottles every Sunday. Sundays are kind of my spa-days where no one can intrude me, so there I am having a full pamper night with facemasks, haircare, nails, scrubs etc. I absolutely love it, it's so meditative...


Anyways, the oil gets really warm when it gets in contact with skin so I apply the liquid evenly throughout my hair, cover with a towel and let it sit around 10 minutes. I can honestly say that it does repair the texture of my hair and gives it strength. It makes them so soft and shiny and my frizzy ends feel much more moisturised and healthier.




Balmain Paris White Pearl Illuminating Shampoo is the answer to your prayers if you have blonde hair like me but get annoyed with the yellow undertones. I've tried around million purple shampoos but this one is definitely my favorite. Just in 3 minutes it makes my hair so much lighter and gives them a beautiful silvery undertone, it's very strong though so I only have to use it once every 2 weeks. I wanted to color my hair platinum blonde for quite some time but this shampoo has completely changed the game and I've never been more happy with my natural color.




CHI Argan Oil Plus Moringa Oil is another incredible oil product which comes in the tiniest bottle but you only ever need like a drop of it. I use it on my ends because they need some extra care and moisture. It's loaded with anti-oxidants and E-vitamin which both are super powerful ingredients in making my fluffy ends super silky and smooth. It also works against the heat damage caused my straighteners or a dryer so definitely a must have!




Happy Happy Joy Joy Hair Perfume by Lush... I wouldn't say it's very conditioning as it says on the bottle, but I love to use it after washing my hair, conditioning with my normal product and then using it as a 3-minute mask for a spectacular perfume that lasts for quite a long time. It smells of flowers, neroli and almond milk and I like how I can smell it every time wind sweeps my hair, mm..



This Saphira The One is probably my favorite hair product out of all of these. It's a mineral based leave-in spray developed to rejuvenate all types of hair. Enriched with pure keratin and 26 dead sea minerals, this treatment gives you the results you need. It goes with me everywhere and oh my god it smells incredibly - it has this ayurvedic, spicy, wooden aroma that is very weird and different but I'm so addicted! It detangles, renews color and moisturizes without making my hair greasy or limp.




Lastly I will mention another Linea Natura product which I can't get enough of. All of their produce comes from Italy and if there's anything I know about haircare, it's that the best products come from Italy. My mum is a trichologist and all of the haircare that she uses on her clients comes from tiny independent companies in Italy aswell.


So I chose this Argan Cream by Linea which does actual wonders to my hair. I actually have the whole series of these products including the shampoo and oil which I also use daily but I just love this cream the most. It's very thick and has this specific argan oil smell. This lovely mask/conditioner and makes my hair so soft and conditioned and it's everything that you'd want from a conditioner so here you go, I definitely recommend this to everyone!







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